Nerdcast ep.62 I Have Some Notes

This week Dan and Chelsea are joined by the podcast duo of Gregg Beever and Colin MacIntyre from I Have Some Notes. 
Each month on I Have Some Notes self proclaimed Movie Experts™ Colin MacIntyre (The Long John Index, Making Whoopee) and Gregg Beever (Inglorious Hipsters) take a movie that sucked, but had potential, and put it through a vigorous podcasting notes process to try to turn it into a blockbuster. Are we always successful? No. Do we always try? Depends how many beers we’ve had.

Nerdcast ep.61 Rigby Muldoon: Bad Situation

This week on the Nerdcast Dan and Trina sit down and ha a chat with Tom Robinson from Rigby Muldoon: Bad Situation a Kickstarter project that running at the moment. 

To learn more about the project check out the links below.
Twitter @rigbymuldoon

Nerdcast ep.57 Extra Life

This week Dan talks with Ramin from Edmonton Extra Life about the event being held on November 5th. Dan also has a moment where he's trying to raise some funds in support of the Stollery in his Extra Life campaign as well as a chance to get tickets to Side Quests.

To donate jut follow the link.

Nerdcast ep.56 Kefcon

This week Dan and Chelsea talk with Arsan and Nick about their love of board games as well as talk a bit about their convention Kefcon. 

Kefcon is a board game convention here in the city of Edmonton and this is their second year. you can find all the information on Kefcon by visting their website  


Nerdcast ep.54 with Daniel from IntrigueCon

Join Chelsea and Dan as they talk with Daniel from Intrigue Con a RPG festival here in Edmonton.

Dan also talk about his time at the Edmonton Expo, and his visit to a new escape room in Edmonton Side Quests.

For more information on IntrigueCon just follow the links below. 
Website -
Facebook -
Twitter - @IntrigueCon

For more of what Daniel Hodges is up to check out
Twitter @hzdgmg
His podcast
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