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YegDND: History

  • Avalon Knights 8721 156 Street Northwest Edmonton, AB, T5R 1Y5 Canada (map)

yegDND returns to Avalon Knights on RPG day for the first of many showcase shows! A one hour yegDND special feature where we will explore the history of an magic item which will influence our entire campaign! And you will be right there with us to help form it!

So far Verita has opened three rifts in the material plane, Air, Fire and Shadow, the crew of the Lightning Bug was able to close the Shadowfell rift but the others are open and this all seems to be the plan of some mysterious woman... 

Plus let's not forget TikTak has to prove humankind is good or the dragons will destroy everything. So there's that. 

Come check us out at this Pay-What-You-Can show! That's right, want to pay our regular ticket price of $10? Great! Want to pay the price of a cup of coffee? Great! Can't afford to pay for the show? Count this one on us! We want to see your smiling faces because Here Be Dragons!

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