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Hey everyone! Some of you might have heard that our annual Lembas Bread sale is next week - the rumors are true! The bake sale will be on Thursday, March 3 (that's next Thursday) from 9-4 in the Rutherford atrium. If you are interested to help table, you can sign up on this spreadsheet!…/1h5crhAGSxw2rRqNh0HdjoQOz7h…/edit…

We only need 2 people for each time slot, but I left lots of slots open in case people have to cancel last minute. You can also feel free to show up and hang any time during the day!

If you are interested in baking the actual Lembas bread, that will be happening the day before, on March 2 in the evening at Rick's old apartment (hosted by Jess), so if you are interested, comment and we'll let you know how to get there.

Finally, if you are a chef yourself and want to prepare some Tolkien-themed baked goods of your own, feel free to do so and bring them on March 3! If you could prepare a list of ingredients as well so people know for allergy concerns, that would be great.

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