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  • Happy Harbor Comics 10729 - 104 Avenue Northwest Edmonton, AB, T5J 3K1 Canada (map)

Rift League Challenge
Sunday, March 27
Happy Harbor Comics 10729-104 Ave, Edmonton T5J 3K1
Registration: 10:00-10:30 pm
Entry Fee: $5 per participant
Event capped at 32 players

Preregistration is highly encouraged by email at
Prizes will be awarded to the TOP FINISHERS only

The format for this tournament is Standard, swiss rounds, everyone plays.
Best of 1, 30 minutes
All participants will receive 1 Play ! Point
Top 4 players from each age division will receive a promo trophy card and Champion Points will be awarded based on attendance.

WHAT YOU NEED: knowledge of the 2016 TCG rules, a tournament legal deck of 60 cards from the XY to BREAKpoint expansion sets, NO proxy cards or cards from worlds decks (grey border on the cards), a completed deck list is required, legal randomizer (official coin for flipping or translucent 6 sided die with rounded edges), damage counters and special condition markers (for burned and poisoned).
BANNED: As of 6.15.15 Lysandre’s Trump card

*No selling / buying single or bulk Pokemon cards or merchandise at this event. Players who do so will be removed from the venue and DQ from the tournament.