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Harry Potter and The Dorks of Buckingham - Harry Potter appreciation day

  • The Buckingham 10439 82 Avenue Northwest Edmonton, AB, T6E 2A1 Canada (map)

Sooooo apparently we are not as original as we thought we are, and are late to the races, announcing a Harry Potter day the same day as our pals at The Pint downtown. However, we dorks here at The Buckingham have every sliver of faith in our ability to do something unique and silly. AND that there's enough Gryffindors, Ravenclaws, Hufflepuffs, (and yes, even Slytherins,) to enjoy the day. 
Here's how it works: you potential Wizards and Witches assemble teams (maximum 4 per team, if there's more of you, then split it up!) and come down to The Buck at 3 PM on Saturday, April 30th. Upon arrival, our hat will sort you into houses (and no, in this instance, you DON'T have a choice of what house you go into,) following which, we will be embarking on an afternoon and evening (event goes from 4 - 7 PM) of all things Harry Potter! Yes, there will be trivia (sorry Pint,) but also a Horcrux Hunt, Quidditch games, a House Cup (as well as prizes for individual teams,) a Costume contest, and it all culminates with your chance to validate your obsession with Harry Potter! We'll be slinging butterbeer (second only to Madame Rosmertas,) as well as more Firewhiskey than Hagrid could drink. And hopefully noone will end up like poor Cedric Diggory along the way. So drink your polyjuice potion to transform into whomever you wish to be, and may all the luck (even without felix felicis on your side) be with you at Edmonton's (second announced) Harry Potter day.

April 20 Edit:
Just a reminder to everyone that this will be a first come, first served event. We've got a lot of people interested and we talked about making this ticketed event because we hate turning people away at the door, but we decided to stick to our guns. Your whole team must be present when you come in to sign up (this allows us to keep houses balanced). 
ALSO - The Horcrux Hunt will be around whyte ave and will involve Instagram, this will open up to you at Noon on April 30th. We will be posting explicit details of what to do and what to look out for a few days before.

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